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Your gateway to a Tennis lifestyle encompassing on and off court training, exciting events, program management, and much more. We deliver elite, world class tennis services to adult tennis enthusiasts, coaches and managers looking to take their game to the next level.

Recent Testimonials

I would sincerely like to say it was a great privilege to attend the Louis Cayer Workshop. The time was inspiring, and watching Louis work with the "live" tennis players made it life like. When I went out to teach on the next few occasions, I had a lot more confidence from the workshops we witnessed at the conference. Thank you for organizing;
Dan M.Workshop

Thank you SO much Uros!!! So much fun and so many laughs. I miss everyone already... and my golf cart.

Alison MacInnesPredator Ridge Trip 2018

Uros worked with me for many years as a Tennis Professional. As someone who is passionate about coaching, he achieved some of the highest levels of certification in Canada and took coaching education courses from other countries as well. He is an exceptional coach with great understanding of how to get the best out of his students and create inspirational , enjoyable and effective learning environments.

Wayne Elderton ChPCTennis Director - North Vancouver Tennis Centre

I can't say that I was skeptical but I had no idea how MUCH of an improvement would result from the drills. The volley drills have changed how light I grip the racquet which has improved my accuracy and consistency. I also can better anticipate the volley's coming at me and get into position much much faster. Much more of an improvement than any ball machine practice that I've done in the past.

Sandra H.Distance Coaching Program

I started the online Distance Coaching with Budimac Tennis during the Covid Shut down. It was a refreshing choice amidst many options of online training and one that I felt would keep me close to my favourite sport of all time ...Tennis. The workouts are demanding and productive, and everything was doable in my Condo with the exception of wall-volleys. It did get me further acquainted with my underground garage however, and before long I was ripping wall-volleys like a pro..well..almost.

Jill WDistance Coaching Program

Latest from Instagram

IT’S CALLED THE DEUCE SIDE‼️ (not the “forehand side”🤪)

Do you prefer to play DEUCE or AD side of the court??

Comment 👇🎾🏆

Get activated and become a stronger NET player‼️🎾💪🏆

Best part? It is 💯 in your control if and when you get moving.

Step into Friday with confidence like @pavicmate does in this incredible backhand return 🔥🎾👌

Notice the activation / split step that begins it all... 🏆

Repost from @justballtennis

That doubles return though 😍 from @pavicmate 🇭🇷 at the @tipsarevictennisacademy 🔥
#tennis #doubles #returnofserve


What is it? The time between two of your impact points. 🔥🎾🏆

Which part of it do you need to improve?

Players so OFTEN focus all their attention to the striking of the ball itself, and forget that it’s a cycle and the rhythm and timing of the shot depends on all of its parts. 😎🎾👌

Happy Monday‼️
When you eat cake 🍰 🍕 🍔 🍫 all weekend, it’s time to reset the plate with some nice quinoa, veggies and eggs to be able to perform physically and mentally 🎾🥴👌

Preparation is key, otherwise it’s easy to grab the first thing in your way and that’s usually not the most nutritious option 👀

What’s your go to meal when you need a healthy boost?! 🎾🏆

What’s a heavy forehand mean to you?! 🔥🎾👀 ...

When the legs aren’t strong enough, we often find ourselves overusing the upper body to bend and create power on our forehands and backhands. 🚨🥴🎾

Not only can it be painful, but also inconsistent due to balance loss.

Get low, work your biggest muscles, and create some power from ground up using this “fun” exercise (with or without weight)🔥🏆💪

As of next week, all our newsletter subscribers will receive one exercise a week for a full year - DM to be added to the list 💥👊🥳

@doublestenniscom #doublestennis

Do you go down the line on the DEUCE or AD SIDE more often⁉️
🎾comment below🎾

Going down the line (not down the alley) in doubles is a HUGE and often overlooked part of the game.

Even if you miss it - like in this video, it is important to keep your opponents at the net “honest” and guessing. 🌸🌝

Solid footwork and positioning by @ana_maria_ileana @danielnestor1 put @curt_is_brain @ericfought under pressure 🔥🥊👀

The key most important people at every tennis club. 🎾❤️😎
Member services, office managers, reception, front desk... whatever your club calls it.

They are the very people that have the most contact with “members” or general public that come to play at your club every single day. Every player gets “touched” by them. 🤹‍♀️

They can make your day, or break your day (and business), and they take the most amount of “constructive feedback” - with lots of patience. 🤭🥂

And most often, they go WAY above their “job description”, making their Clubs look pretty for holidays, taking part in tournaments and socials, dealing with children (oops I mean coaches) and so SO much more. 📇📆🎉🛍🛎💰☎️🚦...

Thank you, key players at all tennis clubs... 🤝🎾😬🏆

Those half volleys can be a challenge to send back low over the net 🥴🎾🚨
What’s your cue word when your opponents manage to get the ball down to your feet⁉️ How do you keep it low⁉️🤷🏻‍♂️🎾

Shadow swinging though various game situation allows your mind and body to process what you are doing - much easier than if a ball is involved 🎾👀🏆

Not only can it improve your movement and technique, but also can be a great workout on your own. Tennis court or no tennis court, you can do it. ❤️😎

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Our Team

Our team of tennis professionals are all certified with Tennis Canada, and are able to take your game to the next level through psychological, physical, tactical and technical training on and off court! We specialize in personalized tennis development programs for all levels of play.

Uros Budimac
Uros Budimac is a Tennis Canada High Performance Level 3 Coach and is also certified with the...
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